• Voice Training and Vocal Coaching

  • This voice program of voice expert, master vocalist and singer-songwriter Kara Johnstad is a proven method that she has developed and taught around the world with success. It is based on 30 years of experience as a professional singer, composer, university voice faculty member, author, visionary, and founder of the Voice Your Essence™ coaching programs. Kara has guided and mentored voices from all walks of life with success, from emerging artists to top recording musicians, from professional speakers and presenters to visionary leaders.

    Schedule a Personal Vocal Coaching Session with Kara Johnstad - or a Private Voice Lesson for Beginners with a seasoned professional. All experience levels welcome, in all contemporary musical styles.


  • Teachers
  • One-on-One Sessions are customized to give you meaningful and everlasting change. The focused time spent working together is precious golden time to ask your questions and receive the highest level of training. The strength and confidence you feel can never be lost. You voice is with you for life.

    Voice lessons at School of Voice combine vocal techniques, teacher assigned songs, and student selected music. Your teacher will give you tools to analyze your sound, listen to your own voice, and make adjustments that will take your singing over the top. Our teachers use show tunes, classical arias, jazz standards, and popular music to help every student connect to their own voice and develop a style that is their own. Vocal exercises and warm ups are a part of every voice lesson to ensure you are singing safely and effectively. Voice teachers at School Of Voice are experts in identifying underlying problems and challenges while making sure lessons are fun and productive. Songwriting can also be incorporated into your lessons if that is one of your interests or goals.

  • Everything is vibration. Discover innovative warm-ups, find your unique signature tone,  gain clarity, confidence, strength and connect yourself back to your true calling. At School Of Voice we teach 360 Degree Voice Empowerment.

    • Gain insights info voice technique and acquire insider secrets.
    • Recognize what is holding you back and shift into more authentic enlightened expression.
    • Gain clarity to your soul's purpose and your unique gifts.
    • Overcome your fear of public speaking
    • Raise your vibration and spark your creative expression.
    • Speak your truth with confidence and feel comfortable doing it.
    • Practice being an influential speaker who inspires.
    • Learn to trust your voice and her ability to guide you.
    • Learn how to use VOICE as a magnet for more abundance and success.
    • Learn how to command an audience with your voice and empower others.
    • Learn to speak from a place of integrate wholeness and experience the power of now.
    • Gain more presence even in challenging situations.
    • Build a meaningful and lasting relationship to your voice.
  • Make friends with your powerful voice and awaken to your true calling. Trust in your voice to give you insights in tender times. The result is magical.

  • Kara has taught her proven Voice Your Essence™ method
    to thousands of happy clients all over the world.

    Ideal for upcoming & professional singers alike, recording artists, authors, public speakers, teachers, creative conscious entrepreneurs, change agents, healers, visionaries, luminaries, and anybody thirsty to experience the power of voice.

  • As a voice expert and mentor I am committed to the empowerment of anyone who senses that her voice is the missing link to personal power, authenticity and presence. Rather than pushing away the “crazy” things we feel, my work proceeds with the conviction that our actions, beliefs, and deep feelings make exquisite sense and that the way to transform our relationship with our voice is to be open, curious and kind with ourselves instead of punishing, impatient and harsh.

    Kara Johnstad