• Amber Fasquelle

  • Voice Training & Vocal Coaching, Piano, Guitar, Cello, Songwriting

    My philosophy of teaching is based on vocal truth and vocal freedom.
    I strive to help my students find their true and authentic sound that is often trapped behind tension or unknown physical habits. I seek to give my students the principles I learned in my own training. I want to help each person find more control of their voice by connecting to and building awareness of their body and physical habits. I call upon principles ranging from various techniques I have trained in such as traditional bel canto singing, Alexander technique, Fitz Maurice technique, and even yoga.
    Finding your voice means discovering the true individual beauty of your own unique instrument. Once we unblock our voices by finding physical freedom and security through technique, the voice can reveal itself in its true beauty.

  • Amber Fasquelle is a highly accomplished musician and educator with a passion for teaching voice training, vocal coaching, and instrumental techniques to aspiring artists.

    As a classically trained singer with extensive experience on the opera stage, Amber brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her teaching. She is equally comfortable teaching all styles of music, from classical to pop, and is dedicated to helping her students develop their skills and find their own unique voices.

    In addition to voice training and vocal coaching, Amber is also a skilled pianist, guitarist, cellist, and songwriter. She is excited to share her love of music and her expertise in these areas with her students, helping them to explore new instruments and develop their musical abilities.

    We are thrilled to have Amber as a part of our teaching team and are confident that her passion, expertise, and commitment to her students will inspire and empower all who study with her.