• How it works.

  • Clarifying the details

    • Ask us anything. We are here to help.

      If you need to clarify any details before choosing your monthly membership plan, email office@schoolfovoice.berlin or call +49 30 80482205.


      Your registration is possible at any time. Everything is done in three simple steps: (1) Sign up for your client account. (2) E-sign our General Terms, and (3) Purchase your Plan or Pass.
      Afterward, you can enroll in group classes or arrange private one-on-one lessons with our office.


      Choose the duration of your membership term with a guaranteed number of lesson credits. Terms of 3, 6, and 12 months are available for you (1-month packages are also available, see below). We guarantee 9/18 or 36 lesson credits per booked membership term. 


      and classes are scheduled for 1 x a week. Kara Johnstad schedules regular sessions for 1 x a week (4x/month) or 2 x monthly.


      If the guaranteed number of lessons is used up prematurely during the booked term, you can purchase an additional lesson package as an option. Per lesson, an additional lesson package is usually significantly less expensive than individual lessons; see the price table above. This offer is limited to students on an active monthly plan.


      You must take your lessons during the booked term (an average of 3 lessons per month).  You can carry any remaining lesson over to the following term if you renew your membership plan for another term or change it to a longer and more favorable term.

  • Prices & Payment Methods

    • Means of payment

      School Of Voice offers two types of rates:  Prepaid cards and monthly subscriptions. All credit and debit cards of internationally recognized credit card companies (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, Discover, JCB, CUP) are accepted as means of payment, whereas all prepaid cards are not accepted.

    • What is not accepted as a payment method?
      • Cash payments are not accepted at any School Of Voice studio.
      • All pre-paid cards, e.g., pre-paid Mastercard, are also not accepted.
    • What if I don't have a credit or debit card?

      If you do not have a credit or debit card, we offer other payment methods upon request, which may result in extra fees. Please contact us at office@schoolofvoice.berlin

    • When do I pay for my lessons?

      Payment is made in advance and must be received before the start of an event. Prepaid tickets and monthly subscriptions are billed and paid for by charging your credit card before the start of an event or on the agreed monthly payment date.

    • Prices for Monthly Plans

      Please refer to the price table above.


      4 x 30 min: €135 / 4 x 45 min: €189 / 4 x 60 min €249 / Kara Johnstad: 4 x 45 min: €390 / Kara Johnstad 2 x 45 min: €200 
      4 x CLASSES: €69 / 4 x CLASSES w/ Kara Johnstad: €76


      1 x 30 min €35 | 1 x 45 min €50 | 1 x 60 min €65 | 1 x 45 min: Kara Johnstad €120 | 1 x Group Class €18 | 1 x Group Class: Kara Johnstad €20


      10-Pack Cards offer flexible visits. You need to schedule each lesson or class. Buy a new one every time your digital punch card is used, or have it automatically reissued.

    • Can I pay cash at School Of Voice?

      Cash payment is not possible.

  • Enjoy maximum flexibility

    • For children and teenagers, lessons are usually once per week in a regularly scheduled time slot. For adults, we offer a weekly recurring reserved lesson time option and a flexible book-as-you-go lesson structure that allows you to fit in your music time conveniently around the rest of your busy schedule.


      Lessons and classes are held throughout the year. Also on weekends and during vacation periods.

    • IN-PERSON or ONLINE - You Can Choose at Any time.

      Online lessons are helpful not only for those students who do not live in our teaching region or cannot come to our music classrooms for their regular one-on-one lessons due to an unforeseen event but increasingly for full-time online students from around the world.


      Classes, courses, and other group events usually take place if at least 5 participants have registered.


      Holidays, bridging days, or vacation periods (if canceled in due time) are not counted, and these lessons and classes remain in your account.


      School children or persons bound to the Berlin school vacations can take time off during school vacations or can continue their regular singing and music lessons. This is especially useful for school children whose school vacations differ from the general Berlin school vacation calendar. If you plan ahead, missed appointments due to school vacation will be a thing of the past from now on.
      NOTE: You need to give us notice at least 10 days before your next scheduled lesson day if you'd like to clear your schedule during your school vacations.


      Purchase is required to enrol in short-term events like drop-in classes, workshops, seminars or concerts, and prepaid courses. Unless otherwise agreed, the tuition or event fee is to be paid in advance and shall be due on the day of the event at the latest. NOTE: The School Of Voice does not accept cash payments.


      A bindingly agreed lesson date (event registration) can be canceled by the Participant up to one week before the event date, preferably by cancelation in your own online account or by e-mail to office@schoolofvoice.berlin. 
      NOTE: Exceptions to this are cancelations due to illness upon presentation of a medical certificate within 24 hours before the start of the appointment. The school administration must receive the certificate before the class date.


      A change to a longer and more favorable term is possible at any time before the next membership fee is due. In this case, we do not insist on adherence to the previously agreed term. Cancellation of the old contract is not required. The change to a shorter term is possible after the expiration of the previously agreed term. Termination of the old contract is not required.


      If not canceled 4 weeks - 2 weeks for 1-month plans - before the end of the term (initial term), the teaching agreement is extended for an indefinite period and can then be terminated with 4 weeks' notice.


      In Germany, according to § 53 Abs. 4 UrhG (German Copyright Act), photocopying of sheet music is prohibited. By concluding a license agreement with VG Musikedition, a copyright collecting society, our students have the opportunity to legally exploit protected works in a simple manner. The School Of Voice has acquired the right for its Participants to make limited photocopies of sheet music (and lyrics) for use in lessons and performances. For our students, this is a legal and practical exception to the absolute ban on photocopying. GEMA charges a separate license fee per student, which is already covered by the payment of the tuition fee.


      All services are subject to the terms and conditions of School Of Voice, Proprietor: Kara Johnstad. By registering and/or attending an event or purchasing a School Of Voice product or service, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. Before attending a School Of Voice event for the first time, we will additionally ask you to accept our Terms and Conditions with your electronic signature. For this purpose, we will send you an e-mail request. For detailed information about our terms and conditions, visit www.schoolofvoice.berlin/terms.

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    If you are looking for ideas and making suggestions, please talk to us. Preferably, send us a message or call 030 80482205. We are happy to help.
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    Kara Johnstad