• We have a plan for you.

    Just the way you need it.

     What's special about us - since 1985: Maximum flexibility + Short contract periods of 3/6 or 12 months + Guaranteed lesson credits per booked term of 9/18 or 36 private lessons or classes + Ongoing teaching all year round, even on weekends and during vacation periods + School children can take time off during school vacations or continue their regular singing and music lessons + Holidays, bridging days, or vacation periods are not counted, and these lessons and classes remain in your account + You can cancel reservations up to one week before the event. This gives you ample time to plan for short vacations, business trips, family celebrations, or annual school vacations at your leisure + Add a discounted extra pack if you use up your guaranteed lesson credits early.


    Monthly plans & Prepaid 10-Pack

  • Private Lessons: 30 min

    billed monthly
    12 months  | 36 credits   89
      6 months  | 18 credits      95
      3 months  |  9 credits        99
         Prepaid  | 10 credits  330 


  • Private Lessons: 45 min

    billed monthly
    12 months  | 36 credits  119
      6 months  | 18 credits    129
      3 months  |  9 credits     139
         Prepaid  | 10 credits   450


  • Private Lessons: 60 min

    billed monthly
    12 months  | 36 credits  159
      6 months  | 18 credits    169
      3 months  |  9 credits    179
         Prepaid  | 10 credits 600


  • Our monthly plans are calculated on an average of three lessons per month, as a typical school year for schoolchildren - including school vacations - has 36 lesson weeks per year. You may use up your guaranteed class credits early if you take lessons continuously without vacation periods. Then you can book a discounted extra pack of class credits. If not canceled 4 weeks before the end of the initial term, the teaching agreement is extended for an indefinite period and can then be terminated with 4 weeks' notice.


    Give us a try with a discounted first private lesson. This is a good opportunity to ask questions and see if the teacher and student are a good match. One-on-one private coaching with a highly experienced professional musician in all contemporary music genres. For children, teenage and adult students of all levels and abilities.  

    Trial Lesson: 45 min


  • "Here To Sing" CHOIR

    Membership Plan
    Enroll Today!

    19   per month
    + You can cancel at any time during the first month.
    + The short contract period is six months
    + One rehearsal per week.


  • Women's Singing Circle

    Membership Plan
    Enroll Today!

    49   per month
    + You can cancel at any time during the first month.
    + The short contract period is six months
    + One rehearsal per week.


  • Private Sessions with Kara Johnstad

    billed monthly
    3 months |  6 credits  190 €
     3 months |12 credits
        Prepaid | 10 credits 900


    with Kara Johnstad

    Whether you're just starting out singing and looking to quickly improve your voice or you are already a professional singer but you know you can do better and just don't know how to reach those higher standards of singing, you've come to the right place. Experience a whole new level of voice training and vocal coaching with voice expert & master vocalist Kara Johnstad, the founder of School Of Voice

    Trial Session: 60 min


  • Prices & Payment Methods

    • Clarifying the details

      Contact us if you need to clarify any details before choosing your monthly membership plan. We gladly provide any information you need to make an informed decision.

    • Means of payment

      School Of Voice offers two types of rates:  Prepaid cards and monthly subscriptions. All credit and debit cards of internationally recognized credit card companies (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, Discover, JCB, CUP) are accepted as means of payment, whereas all prepaid cards are not accepted.

    • What is not accepted as a payment method?
      • Cash payments are not accepted at any School Of Voice studio.
      • All pre-paid cards, e.g., pre-paid Mastercard, are also not accepted.
    • What if I don't have a credit or debit card?

      We offer other payment methods upon request, which may result in extra fees. Please contact us at office@schoolofvoice.berlin

    • When do I pay for my lessons?

      Payment is made in advance and must be received before the start of an event. Prepaid tickets and monthly subscriptions are billed and paid for by charging your credit card before the start of an event or on the agreed monthly payment date.

    • Prices for Monthly Plans

      Please refer to the price table above.


      3 x 30 min €69 | 3 x 45 min €99 | 3 x 60 min €129
      This offer is limited to students on an active monthly plan.


      4 x 30 min: €135 / 4 x 45 min: €189 / 4 x 60 min €249 / Kara Johnstad: 4 x 45 min: €390 / Kara Johnstad 2 x 45 min: €200 
      4 x CLASSES: €69 / 4 x CLASSES w/ Kara Johnstad: €76


      1 x 30 min €35 | 1 x 45 min €50 | 1 x 60 min €65 | 1 x 45 min: Kara Johnstad €120 | 1 x Group Class €18 | 1 x Group Class: Kara Johnstad €20


      10-Pack Cards offer flexible visits. You need to schedule each lesson or class. Buy a new one every time your digital punch card is used, or have it automatically reissued.

    • Can I pay cash at School Of Voice?

      Cash payment is not possible.


      If not canceled 4 weeks - 2 weeks for 1-month plans - before the end of the term (initial term), the teaching agreement is extended for an indefinite period and can then be terminated with 4 weeks' notice.


      All services are subject to the terms and conditions of School Of Voice, Proprietor: Kara Johnstad. By registering and/or attending an event or purchasing a School Of Voice product or service, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. Before attending a School Of Voice event for the first time, we will additionally ask you to accept our Terms and Conditions with your electronic signature. For this purpose, we will send you an e-mail request. For detailed information about our terms and conditions, visit www.schoolofvoice.berlin/terms.

  • Have a Question? Need Support?
    We are here to help.

    If you are looking for ideas and making suggestions, please talk to us. Preferably, send us a message or call 030 80482205. We are happy to help.
    Best regards
    Kara Johnstad