• How to get started?

  • Registration is ongoing throughout the year.

    Please complete this three-step process. You'll see, it is quick and simple: 
    Students can then self-enroll in a group class, and have private lessons scheduled by our office. 

  • Types of Programs

    • Private Lessons & Private Group Classes (2-3 students):

      typically 1 lesson (30/45/60 mins) per week.

    • 10 Pack Lessons for Adults with flexible or recurring appointment times.
    • Kids Music Classes for ages 2 - 5 and ages 5 - 9
    • Group Classes for Adults, i.e. "Women's Singing Circle"

      An open and ongoing group structure allows to join in at any time.

    • Workshops, Courses & Special Events
  • Please note

    • There is a one-time registration fee for all programs of €15 per student.
    • There is also a yearly Copy Licencing Fee of €12 for each student.

      This mandatory licence is required by German copyright laws, it gives permission to make copies of original sheet music for a period of 12 months. Note: We benefit from a special deal with the licensing agency GEMA, as the regular licence fee is considerably higher.


    Here's to all the great singing and music lessons you'll visit!

    See you soon,