• How to get started?


      Fill out our online form, and tell us a little bit about what you want to sing or play and what your preferred schedule looks like.


      Our team will be in contact ASAP to discuss your options. We strive to respond within one business day.


      Once all the details get squared away, it's time to SIGN-UP ONLINE.
      We'll set up your weekly lesson schedule and get you paired with the best instructor.


      Start training your voice, and learn the music and instruments that you want to play! Our teachers will be there for you each week - you'll be a pro in no time.

  • Your registration is possible at any time!

    It is very simple. Everything is done in just three steps: Then register yourself online for group courses or arrange your private one-on-one lessons with our office.

  • If you prefer traditional paperwork:
    You can download the Registration Form  [  ENGLISH ]  [ DEUTSCH ]
    from this website and fill it out by hand, then bring it to your next scheduled lesson.

  • Types of Programs

    • Private Lessons & Private Group Classes (2-3 students):

      typically 1 lesson (30/45/60 mins) per week.

    • 10 Pack Lessons for Adults with flexible or recurring appointment times.
    • Kids Music Classes for ages 2 - 5 and ages 5 - 9
    • Group Classes for Adults, i.e. "Women's Singing Circle"

      An open and ongoing group structure allows to join in at any time.

    • Workshops, Courses & Special Events
  • Please note

    • There is a one-time registration fee for all programs of €15 per student.
    • There is also a yearly Copy Licencing Fee of €12 for each student.

      This mandatory licence is required by German copyright laws, it gives permission to make copies of original sheet music for a period of 12 months. Note: We benefit from a special deal with the licensing agency GEMA, as the regular licence fee is considerably higher.


    Here's to all the great singing and music lessons you'll visit!

    See you soon,