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    • We are an inclusive, accessible, non-audition, international adult choir in Berlin. Our strength is our focus on community and strengthening that bond through music. Through the power of music, our voices unite to create a harmonious beat that transcends our differences and unites us as a community. We sing a wide variety of songs from Pop and other Contemporary Styles. We can do anything from Lady Gaga, Leonard Cohen, Sara Bareilles, and ABBA. We cultivate a supportive environment for various musical skill levels and provide listening materials to help members solidify their confidence, whether they can read music or not.

    • Meet our music director, Daria.

      Daria Kozyk | choir director at the School Of Voice

      Daria is a super-trained, wonderful, loving, and caring choir expert. She can work with all types of voices, and I mean ALL. Tall, skinny, shy, bold, wavy, dry, luscious and tiny. And she is even able to create our own song arrangements! This is very cool because it means that we can build a beautiful sound from the voices in the room and do not have to worry about trying to find the famous missing tenor.

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      Sign up today As a special token of our gratitude, your first month is on us - that's right, fully refunded! It's not just a choir; it's a celebration of music and community. Welcome.

    • We are ... Here To Sing

      We rehearse on Tuesday evenings from 7:00 to 8:30 p.m.

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      + You can cancel at any time during the first month.
      + The short contract period is six months
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