• Holiday Calendar

  • For students on the legacy "BASIC" membership plan, there are no regular classes and lessons on Berlin school holidays (incl. bridge days) and public holidays. 

    For all other students, you must give us notice at least 10 days before your next lesson day if you want to clear your schedule during school vacations. School children can take time off during school vacations or continue their regular singing and music lessons - Holidays, bridging days, or vacation periods are not counted. These lessons and classes remain in the lesson package. If you are subscribed to the BASIC legacy plan, you may switch to our new pricing and billing model at no additional cost; please talk to us.

  • Public holidays 2022 in Berlin
    Date Holiday
    03. Oct 2022 German Reunification Day
    25. Dec 2022 Christmas Day
    26. Dec 2022 2nd Day of Christmas

  • School Holidays in Berlin in the academic year 2022/2023
    School vacations Start of vacations End of vacations First day of classes
    Autumn vacations Mon 24.10.2022 Sat 05.11.2022 Mon 07.11.2022
    Christmas vacations Thu 22.12.2022 Mon 02.01.2023 Tue 03.01.2023
    Winter vacations Mon 30.01.2023 Sat 04.02.2023 Mon 06.02.2023
    Easter vacations Mon 03.04.2023 Fri 14.04.2023 Mon 17.04.2023
    Day off Fri 19.05.2023 Fri 19.05.2023 Mon 22.05.2023
    Whitsun vacations Tue 30.05.2023 Tue 30.05.2023 Wed 31.05.2023
    Summer vacations Thu 13.07.2023 Fri 25.08.2023 Mon 28.08.2023