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      School Of Voice will guide you, you to bring your true authentic voice out into the world. Our programs are committed to growth and empowerment of artists, creative conscious entrepreneurs, leaders, organizations, and all persons who sense that their voice is the missing link to authenticity and presence. 

    • Kurs: SCHREIBEN!

      27. Sept - 6.  Dez. Aber was ist meine Stimme beim Schreiben? Was sind die Themen, die mich wirklich interessieren und bewegen? Das kreative Schreiben mit seinen vielen wunderbaren Übungen ist ein Weg, das herauszufinden. Wir werden zusammen schreiben, spontan mit Stift und Papier im geschützten Raum der School of Voice, und wir werden uns unser Geschriebenes vorlesen, zuhören und Feedback geben. Wir werden Freude haben am schönen Klang unserer Sprache und an gelungenen,[...]

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    • Course: Writing Sisterhood

      Sep 27 - Nov 29, 2018 We will use this class as a space to perform acts of empowerment through reflection and expression. Learning to be present and have the courage to own our story will free us to explore inner worlds. I will give you the tools to generate a purposeful creative practice and become a writer in a mindful artistic community. We will be writing and performing with and for each other, using the social structure of the class as a source of constant support and inspiration. At the end of the course, we will publish our best works in the form of a zine.This program takes place at: [...]

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    • School Of Voice facilitates creative leadership by helping you connect to your true purpose, embrace your personal stories and speak with a clear authentic voice. You too can design an empowered successful lifestyle that allows you the freedom to create and live as a conscious entrepreneur while bringing joy to all that you do.