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    You are welcome to visit us in person, at School Of Voice, Herbergerweg 14, 14167 Berlin-Zehlendorf.  Please make an appointment so we can set aside time for you. We are also available to personally answer your specific questionsWe would love to hear from you: The easiest way is to Leave us a Message. We personally read every message that comes in and strive to respond within one business day.

    We have a diverse staff of highly qualified music instructors to match the diversity of our students. Please visit our INSTRUMENTS page for a current list of the types of music lessons available.
    While there is no “right” age to start music lessons, most children will begin between the ages of 5 and 7. Due to a small hand size, piano and violin lessons are most common at this age range. We also offer group classes for children (ages 4-6 and 6-12), for example the Mini Singer-Songwriters is a fun, hands-on class for kids who adore making music. As children get older, they may like to take the opportunity to try out new or larger instruments, such as the guitar, drums or cello. Trying a variety of instruments can help expand a musician’s capabilities and can be very mentally stimulating. For adults, it’s never too late to become the musician you want to be! Please visit our Programs page for a current list of the types of music lessons available.
    Music and voice lessons can start at any age! For adults, it’s never too late to start lessons. Whether your goal is to scratch “Learn to Play Guitar” off your bucket-list or perform your favorite songs for someone special, School Of Voice can help every step of the way! Plan in time for regular practice and exploring music. You will make great progress in playing your instrument in no time. As you practice and become a more experienced musician, making music enjoyable, not only to your ear but to others’ as well, is a very rewarding experience. Taking music lessons from an experienced instructor who knows how to assess individual skill levels, and tailor your lessons to your particular ambitions, will help you meet your goals much faster.
    Our instructors come from diverse musical backgrounds. Most of our teachers are multilingual, active professional musicians and stage performance pros with extensive teaching experience, who have completed university studies.
    YES. The Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe, with their decision, effective January 1st, 2013, has certified, that the music-pedagogical education of Kara Johnstad, School Of Voice, meets the criteria for properly preparing students for their upcoming profession or for an official examination before legal entities governed by public law. Also, the School Of Voice is a member of the Federal Association of Independent Music Schools of Germany.
    • We offer short contract periods of 1/3/6 or 12 months with guaranteed hourly packages, depending on the chosen term of 3/9/18 or 36 units.
    • Private lessons & small groups (2-3 students): usually 1 lesson (30/45/60 min.) per week.
    • Adult 10-lesson card for flexible or regularly recurring lesson times.
    • "Kids Music" classes (ages 3-5 and 6-12).
    • Group classes for adults
    • Workshops and special events
    Your online registration is possible at any time! It's very simple. It's all done in just three steps: then sign up yourself online for group classes or schedule a private one-on-one lesson with our office. Sign up today.
    Decide for yourself whether to take lessons in person or online today! Online lessons are helpful not only for those students who do not live in our teaching region or cannot come to our music school rooms for their regular one-on-one lessons due to an unforeseen event, but increasingly for full-time online students from all over the world.
    We teach in the morning, at lunchtime, in the afternoon, and in the evening. Lessons and classes are held throughout the year. Also on weekends and during vacation periods.
    • You need to give us notice at least one week before your next lesson day if you want to clear your schedule during your school vacations.
    • Holidays, bridging days, or vacation periods are not counted; these lessons and classes remain in the package.
    • SCHOOL CHILDREN AND SCHOOL VACATIONS School children or persons bound to the Berlin school vacations can take time off during school vacations or can continue their regular singing and music lessons. This is especially useful for schoolchildren whose vacations differ from the general Berlin school vacation calendar.
    • If you plan ahead, missed appointments due to school vacation will be a thing of the past from now on.
    YES! All programs at the School Of Voice are taught by teachers who speak English and German. As a matter of fact, most of our teachers are multi-lingual.
    The ability to speak two or more languages is an essential skill in our modern global village! Bilingualism and the contact with foreign languages in the early years stimulate cognitive growth and the creative processes that all children share. Languages convey the aesthetic and values of cultures. Learning additional languages encourages International Mindedness, appreciation of other cultures and points of view, a fundamental precept of School Of Voice.
    Students who speak neither English nor German as a mother tongue also thrive in our school program, and can rapidly acquire additional language competency. Most of our teachers speak three or more languages.
    School Of Voice students typically take lessons on a weekly basis. Most teachers suggest this, especially for kids and teens, because it gives the student sufficient amount of time to practice the material given during the lesson. As students advance, it is not uncommon to increase the frequency of lessons.
    Kids Music classes are held in small groups of no more than 10 kids. A typical class size is 6 kids.
    Regular practice is the most effective. Short and sweet, we suggest, daily practice of 10-15 minutes. To beginn, it is recommended, smaller children practice together with their parents.
    We organize student performances regularly, as well as larger concerts, like the School Of Voice SINGERS' NIGHT. See: Calendar.
    YES. Give us a try with a discounted first lesson. This is a good opportunity to find the best music school for yourself, or your child, ask questions and see if the teacher and student are a good match. In general, children under 5 should enroll in the Kids Music Program.

    Trial Lesson: 45 mins.   € 25   Buy Now!
    Please note: This trial pass is not valid for private sessions with Kara Johnstad. Follow this link to buy a trial lesson with Kara Johnstad.
    Please, visit this page: PRICES where you'll find a complete price overview.
    • School Of Voice offers two types of rates: Prepaid cards and monthly subscriptions.
    • All credit and debit cards of internationally recognized credit card companies (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, Discover, JCB, CUP) are accepted as means of payment, whereas all prepaid cards are not accepted.
    • What if I don't have a credit or debit card? We offer other payment methods upon request, which may incur extra fees. Please get in touch with us at office@schoolofvoice.berlin
    • What is not accepted as a payment method? Cash payments are not accepted at any School Of Voice studio. All pre-paid cards, e.g., pre-paid Mastercard, are also not accepted.
    • Terms of 3, 6, and 12 months are available for you.
    • We guarantee 9/18/36 lessons per booked membership term (1-month packages on request).
    • Lessons need to be taken during the booked term (an average of 3 lessons per month).
    • If not canceled four weeks before the end of the term (initial term), the teaching agreement is extended indefinitely and can be terminated with four weeks' notice.
    • For detailed information on our General Terms & Conditions, follow this link.
    A change to a longer and more favorable term is possible at any time before the next membership fee is due. In this case, we do not insist on adherence to the previously agreed term. Cancellation of the old contract is not required. The change to a shorter term is possible after the expiration of the previously agreed term. Termination of the old contract is not required.
    In most cases, yes. In order to see results in the shortest amount of time, students must practice outside of their scheduled lessons. In some cases that involves a larger upfront investment (drums, piano, violin etc). Our staff will be happy to answer any questions regarding the right style or brand of instrument for your goals!
    On request, according to your instrument of choice, we are happy to recommend you select dealers for buying or renting a musical instrument. Here in Berlin-Zehlendorf, the nearest qualified music dealer would be Musik Öhme .
    YES, we offer our in-home music lessons in ALL of the metro area of Berlin and surrounding areas like Potsdam. Our talented and professional instructors come to you, so you'll save free time in your day, avoid sitting in traffic, and enjoy the comfort and relaxed atmosphere of your own home - the ideal environment in which to take music lessons. Scheduling and traffic incur a much higher cost. Our prices are based on the scheduled lesson time plus an added 15 min. Please, ask our staff for specifics.