• Voice Programs

    • Understand Your Personal Sound as a Catalyst for Profound Transformation

      Everything is created through vibration. My gift is to hear your sound and bring your body mind and spirit back into your natural alignment.

    • Unleash Your CREATIVE Potential. ALIGN with Your DIVINE CALLING!

      Experience the healing power of sound, music, rhythm & song in a safe environment. We offer high level training for singers and speakers of all levels who want to strengthen their vocal technique and troubleshoot vocal issues. Semi-Private Group Voice Classes and Workshops, Voice Yoga, Songwriting, Sound Healing, Meditation and the Voice Your Essence and Modern Mantra Choirs.

    • Learn the SECRETS behind a BIG POWERFUL VOICE!

      Tired of holding back? Ask the questions you've always wanted to ask and get clear answers. Are you a speaker, writer, healer, singer or an entrepreneur who wants to impact the world with your message? Do you feel there is something calling you that you can not get a hold on? Your voice is intimately connected to your inner self and carries your thoughts and emotions out into our world.

    • Yesterday you said tomorrow.
      Get started TODAY!

      As a result of moving through the Voice Your Essence™ Program you will own a top voice that is connected one hundred percent to your truth. Get started now. Small class sizes, high level personal training and attention to vocal health.

    • Voice Workshops

      It's Time to Speak Up! Your Thoughts, Feelings, and Ideas Matter.

    • School Of Voice offers on-demand workshops on a broad variety of musical topics, which typically range from 90 minutes to 3 days and can be tailored to fit your needs. These interactive workshops are presented by members of the School Of Voice Team or can be presented by Kara Johnstad upon request. Workshops can be presented to any type of audience but require a minimum of 3-5 participants.


      Learn to sing, speak, envision, compose, write and be a co-creator of your life.

    • I have had lessons for over 15 years with various teachers in Los Angeles and after all that time and all those teachers no one has ever improved my voice more quickly than Kara. I am already a professional singer but I knew I could be better. I never knew how to reach those higher standards of singing until now. Kara made such a difference even after the first week! I heard my range improve and it was already easier to sing with less effort. Her technique is clear and precise and it really works. I intend to continue my lessons with Kara with great anticipation!

      Joyce Mordoh - Professional Singer & Songwriter

    • I got to know Kara Johnstad as a very sensitive and professional coach. She draws on a vast repertoire of techniques, psychological knowledge, and spiritual wisdom according to the requirements of the moment and demonstrates how to pass it on in a wonderful way. Her philosophy is that training and coaching can only be successful if they are tailored specifically to each individual, promote personal strengths, joy of learning and encourage longterm personal change. The best thing about Kara Johnstad is of course her credibility. Did you ever hear of any other vocal coach with such a strong, sensitive and flexible voice? Pure Hollywood! Kara Johnstad - A must for any singer!

      Karin Kuschik - C-level business coach