• Prices

  • Tuition fees valid from January 1st, 2018 in Euro

    Welcome to School Of Voice! Give us a try with a discounted first private lesson.
    This is a good opportunity to ask questions and see if the teacher and student are a good match. 

    Trial Lesson: 45 mins.                      €25 *

    Get a Trial Lesson Pass

    Trial lessons are not available for regular group classes and private sessions with Kara Johnstad (regular rates apply.) 

  • PRIVATE LESSON - monthly per student

    Reserved recurring lesson time with a highly qualified professional musician in all contemporary music genres. For children and adults of all levels and abilities.

    30 min / week                                    €90           
    45 min / week                                  €120

    60 min / week                                  €180

  • FLEXIBLE 10 PACK - PRIVATE LESSONS (for adults) - one time per student

    Book-as-you-go lesson times

    30 min                                                €300
    45 min                                                €450
    60 min                                                €600

  • GROUP CLASSES / ENSEMBLES - monthly per student

    Regular classes at a recurring weekly time, i.e. Women's Singing Class, Kids Music Class, Berlin Kids Choir, Chamber Orchestra

    45 - 90 min / week                              €49

  • PRIVATE GROUP LESSON - monthly per student

    Master classes with a highly qualified professional musician for 2 people or more: duo, trio, quartet, etc. at a reserved recurring lesson time.

    60 min / week                                   €120
    90 min / week                                   €180


    For prices on ongoing short term events like workshops, courses, concerts etc. please visit our events page.


    Please note: Prices listed above do not apply to private sessions with Kara Johnstad (appointment availability and prices on request.) If you're interested in working with voice expert, master vocalist Kara Johnstad in a one-on-one setting, then you can select the link below to find out more and book your session.


    • Registration is ongoing throughout the year.
    • There are no regular classes on Berlin school holidays (incl. bridge days), and public holidays.
    • There is a one-time registration fee for all programs of €15 per student.
    • There is also a yearly Copy Licence Fee in accordance with German copyright laws

      Every 12 months there is a mandatory copy licence fee of €12 for each student that gives permission to make copies of original sheet music. Note: We benefit from a special deal with the licensing agency GEMA, as the regular licence fee is considerably higher.

    • School Of Voice offers different payment options for paying the school’s tuition.

      Monthly payments:
      The tuition fee for fixed-term contracts is an annual fee paid in 12 monthly installments.
      One payment per year:
      The School Of Voice awards a 5% price discount for students who pay their tuition in advance and in full for a period of 12 months.

    • For each sibling and family member we offer a 10 percent discount.
    • Musical instruments and learning materials are to be provided by the student.
  • By signing up for and/or attending lessons, classes, courses, and any event at Kara Johnstad School Of Voice, you agree to abide by School Of Voice's general terms & conditions

  • Note: Depending on the tax laws applicable, the tuition fees paid to School Of Voice may possibly be tax-deductible. Please contact your tax advisor on the options, if any, and conditions thereto.