• About Our School

  • Welcome to Kara Johnstad's School Of Voice!

  • We specialize in voice training and vocal coaching and love teaching how to play an instrument. We are helping students become better musicians by fostering skill, appreciation and enjoyment of music in players of all ages.
    By providing a thorough and exceptional music education in a multilingual, comfortable, resourceful environment, teachers can develop meaningful partnerships with students and families to promote a lifelong relationship with music and creativity and the appreciation of the diversity of cultures.

  • We feature dedicated degree holding teachers and seasoned stage performance pros, regular performance opportunities, and a central location in Berlin-Zehlendorf. We also offer online lessons via video chat to benefit those students that are out of our teaching region, or for current students that are unable to make it to our location for their regularly scheduled private lesson time due to an unforeseen circumstance.

    School Of Voice is a great place to meet people from the international community of Berlin, take part in 360 degree voice programs, learn how to play a musical instrument, and master the ins and outs of (DIY) Artist Development Strategies from seasoned coaches and trusted mentors.

  • Benefits of studying at Kara Johnstad School Of Voice:

    • Save time and driving.

      We are located within a 3 minute walk from the Zehlendorf S-Bahn station (20 min on S1 line from Friedrichstr., X10 express bus connections: 10 min to Ku`Damm).

    • Easy, online scheduling.

      Set-up and reschedule lessons on our website when it’s easy for you.

    • Wander the shops, boutiques, and cafes on Teltower Damm.

      While your kids get better at playing music, you can run errands, shop or eat.

    • Near lots of schools for easy on-the-way-home lessons.

      We are near Nord-Grundschule, Freie Schule Anne-Sophie, Schadow Gymnasium, Droste-Hülshoff Schule, John F. Kennedy School, Berlin International School, and Berlin Brandenburg International School, just to name few of them.

    • We offer you the benefits of bilingualism.

      The ability to speak two or more languages is an essential skill in our modern global village! Bilingualism and the contact with foreign languages in the early years stimulate cognitive growth and the creative processes that all children share. Languages convey the aesthetic and values of cultures. Learning additional languages encourages International Mindedness, appreciation of other cultures and points of view, a fundamental precept of School Of Voice.

    • A thorough musical experience.

      Large, clean studios equipped with quality instruments, sheet music, artist chairs, music stands, dry-erase boards, metronomes, and computers to keep students engaged and motivated.

    • Watch your kids perform!

      We have regular recitals and other performance opportunities open to all students.

    • We value the time needed to get to know each other:

      We offer a 3 month trial period in which you may withdraw at any time with 14 day cancellation notice.

  • The Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe

    with their decision effective January 1st, 2013, have certified, that the music-pedagogical education of Kara Johnstad, School Of Voice, meets the criteria for properly preparing students for their upcoming profession or for an official examination before legal entities governed by public law.

    Furthermore, The Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe has certified, that Kara Johnstad, when giving concerts as a solo vocalist, fulfills the same cultural functions as are discharged by public cultural institutions of the federal government and the federal states of Germany.