• Sarah Vautour

  • Voice Training & Vocal Coaching, Piano

    Sarah Vautour is a highly accomplished singer and educator passionate about teaching aspiring artists and seasoned pros alike voice training, vocal coaching, and instrumental techniques.

    As a classically trained singer with extensive experience on the opera stage, Sarah brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her teaching. She is equally comfortable teaching all styles of music, from classical to pop and is dedicated to helping her students develop their skills and find their own unique voices. 

    She is excited to share her love of music and expertise in these areas with her students, helping them explore new instruments and develop their musical abilities.

    Here's how Sarah describes her teaching philosophy: 

    My teaching philosophy is based on the mind-body connection and exploration of the authentic voice. My goal is to help students discover their own authentic voice through the foundation of breath. I believe that our voice is given the space and support to flourish when we put ourselves into the body as artists. 

  • It is my greatest desire that the classroom be a relaxed, fun space that gives everyday life a chance to unfold freely and reinforces values such as commitment, perseverance, and responsibility. Ultimately, I aim for each student to learn the tools to be free and play with their singing, regardless of my guidance." 

    We are thrilled to have Sarah as a part of our teaching team and are confident that her passion, expertise, and commitment to her students will inspire and empower all who study with her.