• Samantha Bank

  • Voice Training & Vocal Coaching, Songwriting, Stage performance, Piano, Ukulele

    Samantha is a professional singer and musician with extensive stage experience. She teaches a wide variety of musical styles, including pop, musical, classical, and Jazz.

    She studied opera on the east coast of America and in Salzburg, Austria, before finalizing her decision to move to Germany. She has extensive stage performance experience, performing in multiple countries in Opera ensembles.

    Samantha has been singing and playing the piano most of her life. As a child, she sang in ensembles like the Colorado Children's Chorale, performed in live theater productions, and played full bass in the school symphony.

  • Samantha teaches music of all genres (Pop, Musical, Classical Jazz) to students of all ages sharing the love and passion she has with others.  

    Samantha Bank is a native German-American.

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