• Overtone Singing Workshop

  • Sorry, this workshop is canceled!

    Online-Workshop with Miroslav Grosser
    on Saturday, January 23, 2021, at 19:00 CET (Berlin) / 10 AM PST (San Francisco) / 1 PM EST (New York)
  • A master of overtone singing, vocal coach Miroslav Grosser from Berlin will show you the easiest and most direct ways to enjoy the amazing sound of harmonies in your own voice.

    Overtones - The harmony of nature

    A two-hour online-workshop for harmonious singing

    With more than 20 years of experience in singing and teaching, Miroslav offers various relaxation techniques to filter and amplify your vocal overtones so that you learn how to sing the natural scale of a single note. And if you even like two tones at the same moment! No training in singing or music is required.

    Topics include:

    • Voice exercises to prepare body, mind, and voice for overtone singing
    • Clarification of the connection between voice and personality to achieve an authentic, natural voice
    • Hearing techniques for the perception of overtones in every tone
    • Three different styles of western overtone singing (completely relaxing for voice, body, and mind)
    • Introduction to polyphonic singing (singing with two melodies in one voice) and how to use it in music
    • Possibilities for using overtones in your daily life and in sound healing sessions or meditation
    • Vocal improvisations and trance experiences with overtone singing to expand consciousness
    • Background information on the physical, musical, philosophical and spiritual aspects of overtones

    No musical education required. Every voice is very welcome!


  • Sorry, the workshop is canceled!

    School Of Voice

    Miroslav Grosser

    Workshop Fee:
    44 Euro

    Event date:
    Saturday, 23 January 2021

    Start time:
    19:00 CET (Berlin) / 10 AM PST (San Francisco) / 1 PM EST (New York)

    ca. 2 hours

    Registration is closed!

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  • Overtone Singer, Musician, Holistic Vocal Coach

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    Miroslav Grosser
    Miroslav Grosser

    Overtone Singer, Musician, Holistic Vocal Coach

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