• On-Demand Workshop:
    Learn to Play Piano in One Day – Level 2

  • This workshop is intended for students who have completed LEVEL 1 

    If a student uses the techniques presented in that LEARN TO PLAY PIANO - Level 1 workshop, the chances are good that he walked away from those experiences with a basic understanding of how to play piano. However, this initial understanding, albeit a good one, does not suffice for learning that is aimed at long-term retention and use of knowledge. Rather, students must have opportunities to practice new skills and deepen their understanding of new information. Without this type of extended processing, knowledge that students initially understand might fade and be lost over time.

    Throughout the unit, Kara Johnstad engages students in a variety of activities that help them examine the content in new ways. Frequently, she asks students to return to their workshop notebooks and make changes and additions. In some cases, students add information. In other cases students correct initial misconceptions in their knowledge.
    Students must have a sound foundation on which to build new awareness. New awareness is forged through repeated exposure to knowledge. Exposures involving practice and knowledge-deepening activities are the focus of this LEVEL II workshop.

    This workshop can be booked on demand.
    This workshop can be set up at any time when the minimum number of 5 participants is met (max. 10)
    Price: € 250 per person

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    Paper + pen
    Headphones (optional)
    Stand if you need
    Waterbottle / snack if you need

  • Workshop Leader
    Kara Johnstad