• Anna Lena Bruland

  • Anna Lena Bruland

    Songwriting, Stage Performance, Band coaching, Artist Development, Guitar, Keyboard, and Audio Production.

    Anna Lena is originally from Norway but has been living abroad from the age of 18. She currently lives in Berlin. She has a BA in vocals and songwriting from Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts.

  • With her solo project; EERA she has released one EP and two albums to great critical acclaim. EERA has supported bands like Mitski, Ghostpoet, and The Do. She is the key player and singer in the band Public Service Broadcasting and has co-­written their latest single ‘People, Let’s dance’ which has over 1 million streams and has been A-­listed on radio stations around the world. She is also featured as a vocalist on several TV and film soundtracks for BBC and Netflix.

    Anna Lena has been in the music industry for over 12 years and brings a wealth of experience to help her students with songwriting, stage performance, band coaching, artist development, guitar, keyboard, and audio production.

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