• Healing the Voice, Healing the Heart: Listening with Love

    Experience the Healing Power of Chanting.

    You’re not alone if you have ever felt self-conscious about your voice, whether speaking or singing. So many of us have been wounded when it comes to finding our voice and letting it ring and resound, speaking our truth. I can’t tell you how many people have told me stories, often with tears in their eyes, of careless or even cruel comments that others have made about their voice, especially when they were singing or chanting. Even people who have been told they have a ‘good voice’ often feel that their self-worth is entangled with how well they sound or perform. Rest assured, there is a way to heal your voice and heal your heart from these wounds.

    Experience the healing power of sacred sound through mantra, chanting, holistic voice healing, and the practice of synchronizing breath, movement, and vocalization.

    Kevin's approach to the yoga of sound employs both contemporary and ancient technologies to support your uniqueness. There are many ways to enter into the stream of sacred sound, depending on where you are on your journey and what interests you.

  • I want to tell you how much I love chanting with you. You teach with such patience, softness, and grace. I truly love your voice!!

    – Lynne Altenburg

  • You’re amazing. I experience such deep resonance when chanting with you … it’s very comforting.

    – Michele Anderson, DNP, APRN, E-RYT

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    Apr 25, 2021

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