• All these beautiful and magnificent small and tall giants of many forms, so rich in variety, with wisdom of centuries and millennia, with a language that only sounds in stillness. When the aromatic and captivating fragrance they emit hits my senses something magical happens within me and I can only describe it as a feeling of homecoming, total rejuvenation, and peace.

    I remember reading an article about a man who’s been planting trees every single day for nearly 40 years in his home country India (here is the original article).

    40 years of planting trees every single day! I am in awe and so grateful for this man and his amazing and outstanding contribution to this beautiful planet. I love it. And I love that message.

  • There is something magical about planting a tree. Have you ever tried it yourself?
    Well, first it is the seed that you plant of course that will become the tree ultimately. This tiny beautiful thing stores all the information of an entire tree. Isn’t that astonishing and just mindblowing?!

    As your hands touch the soil you make contact with Gaia, and by doing so you are earthing yourself and simultaneously absorbing negative ions which are extremely important for your physical and mental health as studies have shown (go to article).

    From the seed to the sprout to the tree
    As you form a little hole in the soil which is so to say the womb for the seed, you also nurture it with your energy and wishful thoughts.

    After covering the hole with more fertile soil, you give it some fresh water and then you just wait.

    From time to time you water it and then after 2 or 3 weeks of being patient, there it is: the sprout, a little tiny tree.

  • Every single time I see these cuties making their way through the surface of the soil and go into a dance with the sun rays I am just purely happy and joyful.

  • For quite some time now I have been planting trees. I don’t own a garden or land yet, but I do have a balcony. So that works very well, unless the trees have out-grown the balcony of course.
    How this journey started:Every morning I would drink freshly pressed organic juice. My favorite is carrot-apple-orange-lemon-ginger-cucurma-juice (I know it’s quite a long name).  I would collect the seeds of the apples and lemons, sometimes oranges, because I just have a hard time throwing them away. Not all of them are sprouting after planting, actually many of them don’t make it, but that is okay.
    If you want to start your tree planting experience then I suggest to start with lemon trees, since they are easy to grow, and they are very beautiful gifts to give away to friends and family members by the way. So, I highly recommend to start planting lemon trees first. They are ever-greens and so adorable and you can keep them inside during the winter period.

  • I am an Apple Tree

    For my very own manifestation work I have also planted some apple trees. I have a very special relationship with apple trees. In the druid tree horoscope I am apple tree, and really ever since I was little I just loved apples, I was crazy about them, and I still am. They are by far the cutest trees in my opinion, and the scent of their blossoms and their fruits are so captivating. Magic.

  • I have asked myself what I would I do with all of these trees when they get bigger. My balcony is really not that huge and soon there won’t be any space left. So, two years ago I realized that I am planting the seeds and trees for my future garden. What a great manifestation work: Planting seeds not just symbolically but literally! They are the seeds of my future that I am about to manifest and I just love the fact that I started all of this without really knowing why. It was my heart leading me to something I did not know at that time.

    The heart always knows.

  • You can use this technique for planting the seeds of your wishes and desires. It is a very powerful ritual. Not only will you see the tangible results of your wish being manifested into form but you also see it growing every day. And yes, maybe you have to wait some years for your dreams to come true, but with keeping the faith you’ll one day look back and see the magic of it all, and perhaps you have planted something even so big you never thought would be possible. Who knows. 

    Manifestation is all about visualization…

    …but more so about how it makes you feel what you wish to manifest. Feeling it is the key, not just visualizing it. You have to feel and live it as if it were already there.

    So, by planting, and watching these trees grow I already feel as if I were in my beautiful garden. And that is the key to it. I have no idea when this will be, but I know it will be. IT IS.

  • It really fills me with so much joy and love, gratitude and happiness, when I see the seeds sprouting, when I see the first little tiny leafs. It is so beautiful. The fact that one seed holds all the information of an entire tree just makes want to bow to nature and her astonishing creations. I am totally in awe. I feel the love and the bigger truth of all. Sometimes I would feel it for just one moment, but this moment rejuvenates and refreshes me. I feel instantly restored, I feel an indescribable light shining through me, an amount of gratitude that leaves me almost breathless. I guess that is called magic.

    Also birds have brought me trees, and they are growing beautifully. One maple tree got so big though that I had to give it away, but it is happy where it is now and it can grow to the giant it is meant to be.

    I keep planting trees and I encourage you to do the same. They are wisdom keepers. They are our oxygen. We need them.

  • Love. Nadine

  • Photo credits:
    Feature image: Photo by Ricardo Gomez Angel on Unsplash
    Closing image: Photo by Lukasz Szmigiel on Unsplash
    All other images: Photos by Nadine Kühn