• Learn to tell your story through music. Discover awesome, quick songwriting techniques.

    This SONGWRITING DISCOVERY WORKSHOP (for teens ages 13+ yrs) provides an opportunity to take your personal stories and turn them into powerful songs. With guidance from acclaimed singer-songwriter Anna Lena Bruland, producer and coach, workshop attendees learn about the craft of songwriting and how to go FROM AN IDEA TO A FINISHED SONG— all in real-time.

    MEET YOUR INNER SONGWRITER. Speak your truth and turn your personal stories into universally relatable hits.

    Join us as we embark on the journey of songwriting. This workshop is for all skill levels.

    Whether a beginner or an experienced songwriter, discover how to turn your personal experiences into powerful songs. If you play an instrument, great! But no instrument is needed. The most important thing for songwriting is your VOICE and a good STORY:

    In this workshop, we will touch on songwriting basics, including:

    • Song ideas & topics
    • Song structures
    • Fitting the genre
    • Wordplay, rhyme scheme
    • Rhythm & Flow
    • Tempo & Timing
    • Message, audience, action steps & more!

    Be prepared with a journal, pen, and paper, and stay hydrated :)