• On-Demand Course:
    Voice Your Biz™ Blueprint & Program

  • A powerful in-person Business Theme Coaching experience where we teach you exactly how to create a successful purpose-based business (and life!) authentically and prosperously!

  • Offering you highly personalized 1-on-1 Business Theme Coaching, Master Mind Classes and Workshops,

    This program is designed as a road map to success by providing clarity, step-by-step guidance, inspiration and support. It will give you all the important tools and building blocks you need to set-up and run a successful business. Get out of overwhelm and into a step by step system to empower your visions, grow your audience and create new income streams with ease.

    At the end of the course you will understand the workings of branding, product creation, online marketing, social media, and the importance of an effective back-end office. VoiceYourBiz™ will expand your mindset, increase your vision and empower you to take the next steps to fully develop yourself, your business, your future. Shape your destiny. Embrace uncertainty. Transform your life today!

  • Take advantage of all we have to offer!

    We meticulously designed the VoiceYourBiz™ theme coaching modules to provide you a high-quality, deep-dive immersion mastermind experience that gives you:

    • the STRUCTURE you need to build momentum in your productivity and build trust in your process, learning and growth.
    • the TRAINING you require in order to master the marketing, mindset and movement of a successful business.
    • the ACCOUNTABILITY you crave to help you stay on track and get the encouragement, support and celebration for goals set and reached.
    • the STRATEGY you want as we create your customized action plan for consistent income and 'VoicingYourBiz.'
  • These business mentoring sessions provide you the (usually bi-weekly) touchstones for the entire time that we spent together during the VoiceYourBiz™ blueprint & program.

    In my years of manifesting my dreams and Voicing My Biz success, there’s something I now KNOW for sure: If you want something you've never had, you gotta do something you've never done.

  • What You Get:

    The VoiceYourBiz™ Blueprint & Program includes 10 Online Coaching Modules, plus 20 hrs Personal VoiceYourBiz™ Theme Coaching sessions (in-person or via Skype), plus Extra Bonuses. The program is designed to run for 21 weeks. This period may vary depending on your individual coaching schedule. This program is paid in advance in full.

    Together, over a period of 21-weeks, you and us will be covering the philosophy, the mindsets, the techniques – and of course, the step-by-step system behind the VoiceYourBiz™ Program, and we will be creating transformational results in your business, wealth and success. More peeps (clients, customers), less confusion, a more productive approach to your daily habits and work, better ways of thinking about your business so you can boost and implement your ideas – and of course, higher levels of energy – and Voicing of your Business! Your results will drastically increase as you save years of research, reading and workshops – by participating in this program with us teaching and coaching you personally each 2nd week.