• How to get started?

  • Registration is ongoing throughout the year.

    Please complete this three-step process. You'll see, it is quick and simple: 
    Students can then self-enroll in a group class, and have private lessons scheduled by our office. 

    1. Set up your online client account
      If you have never taken a class at the School of Voice before, we will need to set up your online account for you before you can log in using this system.
      (1) Click on the link above and enter your details.
      (2) Check for a confirmation email.
      (3) Click on the provided link to confirm your email and set your password.
      Now you can sign up for services, see what's on your schedule, and manage your billing information and payments.

    2. Accept our General Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy
      You may comfortably do this online. Please lookout for a separate message to this effect. You'll see, it's quick and easy.
      For more information on our Terms & Conditions, please visit: [ ENGLISH ]  [ DEUTSCH ]

    3. Schedule Your Private Lesson or Group Class.
      (1) Self-enroll in a group class. Simply click on the class in the calendar, and then click "Enroll".
      (2) Trial lessons and private lesson times will be scheduled by our office. Please let us know what works well for you.

  • Types of Programs

    • Private Lessons & Private Group Classes (2-3 students):

      typically 1 lesson (30/45/60 mins) per week.

    • 10 Pack Lessons for Adults with flexible or recurring appointment times.
    • Kids Music Classes for ages 2 - 5 and ages 5 - 9
    • Group Classes for Adults, i.e. "Women's Singing Circle"

      An open and ongoing group structure allows to join in at any time.

    • Workshops, Courses & Special Events
  • Please note

    • There is a one-time registration fee for all programs of €15 per student.
    • There is also a yearly Copy Licencing Fee of €12 for each student.

      This mandatory licence is required by German copyright laws, it gives permission to make copies of original sheet music for a period of 12 months. Note: We benefit from a special deal with the licensing agency GEMA, as the regular licence fee is considerably higher.


    Here's to all the great singing and music lessons you'll visit!

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