• Outside my studio windows, the red geraniums are laughing loudly. After  6 months of Berlin lockdown, we made it through. Terrace restaurants and little street cafes are open. The sailboats are back on the Wannsee. Markets are being frequented.

    And yes, the Berlin SCHOOL OF VOICE studios are there to welcome you back to “IN-PERSON” classes. Do you sense a bit of relief? I do.  I put “in-person” class in quotes because our school was open throughout the entire lockdown.

  • Embracing technologies that support online learning, we actually grew:) Yes, we missed being with many of you in the same room,  and yet as an international coach, I have learned that online too, is personal and has its perks.  

    We learn things when we are not in the same room with each other—odd things. Like how to trust that time and space are relative. We find ways to bend space, dissolve timezones and make the time ours. We also learn that we can study in any room.  We suddenly sing and play music together at the office, in kitchens, in our bedrooms. You shared your space with gracious style and learned in the end - it is about being in the MUSIC. 

    As teachers, we met your families. We were introduced to your lovely cats, dogs, and bunnies. Some of you sang acapella, others with playback, but what a joy to experience many of you accompanying yourself at the guitar, uke, piano, or with the frame drum.  “Kara, I really want to learn to “sing and play.”  YES!  And it is possible to do it ALL. As SINGERS,  playing an instrument is essential. And for those of you studying guitar and piano, SINGING is a must to becoming an excellent musician. 

    This winter season taught us that we have to open our hearts and minds even more if we wish to move beyond flat screens: more smiles, laughter, patience, and balance. We are learning resilience. We now know we can study everywhere and anywhere. We can have class in Berlin or on top of the mountain, we can work with a big screen or a tiny phone. We are flexible. We can adapt. And together, we are more vital than ever. We are now experienced to navigate these waters. Whatever life brings us, we are a community. 

    I am grateful to share with you, that not only did the School of Voice survive this past season, but we also grew. A big shout out to all our outstanding teachers.  And a big applause to YOU. We are a school of many languages and cultures.  For those of you coming back to the studios, check out the requirements needed to conform to the hygiene and text regulations. And YES,  feel free to send us your success stories and write us if you have any special wishes. We love to share all your AMAZINGNESS with the world. 

    Here’s to blossoming into our fullest potential.