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  • What a gift it has been to find Kara. As a professional singer and voice teacher I've worked on my voice for many years with various highly renowned teachers. I am lucky to have a three-octave vocal range, up to high Fs, yet I've struggled with a weakness between my head and chest voice throughout my career.
    After years of singing and teaching arias, I secretly wanted to understand the technique behind belting and the "pop" sound. I longed for the freedom I heard in other singers when they improvised and scatted and were able to switch styles between pop and classical sounds with ease. Try as I may, with many hours of delicate work, I was not able to find that balance alone.
    Within a short time of studying with Kara, my voice began to integrate and balance in a new way. My break weakness improved and I was not only singing my classical arias with more ease but, for the first time, I was able to sing popular music reasonably convincingly. I took the first steps in discovering the sound of blues, soul, country, etc and learned how to improvise and sing riffs.
    Kara has a special way of coaxing her students to sing straight from the heart. Once you tap into that incredible energy and truth, the opening experience is amazing. My voice, my teaching, and indeed my very being, has opened up miles through working with Kara. I highly recommend anyone looking to find their true voice to work with her. It’s a life-changing experience you’ll never forget.

    A life-changing experience! Christine Barker. Lyric Coloratura Soprano. L.R.A.M, L.T.C.L, L.L C.M, B.A.
    Head of Singing, Musicals, Music Theater, Dance and Movement. Musikschule Reinickendorf, Berlin

  • Before I met Kara, I felt very insecure about my speaking and my singing voice.

    Then during a public speaker’s workshop, that Kara designed for the publishing industry, I had a major breakthrough. I decided to commit to voice coaching with Kara. What happens during the sessions?

    Kara always makes me feel safe and cherished. She gives me a much better understanding of how the voice works and how it is connected with my whole body … and my soul. My voice grows and that has been a very rewarding process not just for my voice, but for … all of it, my creativity, my writing, my professional work as an editor and a teacher. I’m so much more connected with my voice now and I feel that I’m continually growing, learning, expanding.

    I really love my classes with Kara - I love where I am now and excited where voice coaching might take me. I highly recommend Kara’s VOICE YOUR ESSENCE method to everyone who wants to improve their voice.

    Major Breakthroughs! Susanne Zeyse - Literary Agent and Editor