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  • If you are passionate about the idea of helping people develop a love of music and teaching singing or an instrument to children, creative adults, and artists alike, then Kara Johnstad School Of Voice is the place for you.

    We Motivate, Mentor & Empower People By Appreciating Individuality, Diversity, and the Arts.

  • Why work here?

    • CULTURE.

      We embrace the independent spirit within a supportive, casual, and fun (but productive) work environment.


      Our teachers receive very adequate pay, as it should be.

    • FUN.

      We enjoy an irreverent and good-natured sense of humor.

    • RESPECT.

      We laugh, smile, and embrace an assortment of human beings.


      We give children, creative adults, and artists the musical education and tools to voice their essence and get their music heard. That is what we do! Being surrounded by music and creative people is a great way to spend your day.

  • Our teachers make all the difference.

    They are international professional musicians, multilingual, highly qualified and experienced, soulful and compassionate, with a love for music, and people.

    If this is you, it would mean a lot to us, to be the employer of your choice!

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