• Women’s Singing Class

  • Discover the Beauty of Your Voice

    This ongoing all-levels voice class has its focus on SINGING and creating a space for mutual awakening. Whether you are new to singing or have been singing for years, you will receive tools to deepen your practice and uplevel your voice. Experience a blend of deep relaxation, vibrational sound healing, followed by singing and chanting of East meets West and ending in Savasana.  As we hone new skills and open our fifth Chakra, we also shift our perspective and gain access to a sacred vibrant field accessed through TONE. After the class, you will feel refreshed and nourished for days. Say good-bye to stress.

  • On Wednesday Evenings, 19:30 - 21:00 | with Kara Johnstad


  • Our WOMEN'S SINGING CLASSES are based on a proven method that gives you meaningful and long lasting change. With happy clients all around the world, Kara has helped thousands of people tune into their soul's wisdom and transform their lives profoundly through tapping into the power of voice.

    • Learn the Fundamental Voice Yoga Sequences
    • Uplevel Your Voice Practice and Watch it Influence How People Respond to You
    • Learn the Biggest Breath Mistake While Singing ( and how not to do it)
    • Discover Your Core Sound and Keep it for Life
    • Increase Your Vocal Range and Power.
    • Build Strength and Confidence and Carry it With You Forever Where Ever You Go
    • Improve your intonation and relish in harmonics
    • Discover Different Scales and Tonal Patterns. East meets West.
    • Learn to lose all fear of rhythm.
    • Increase Your Connectivity and Enhance Your Memory
    • Boost Your Immune System and Learn Tricks to Stay Healthy
    • Release Any and All Stress and Get the Tools Needed to Stay in balance With All of Life's Challenges
    • Bonus: Be part of a loving kind community who supports your groth


    WOMEN'S SINGING CLASS meets on Wednesday evenings at 7:30 pm

    For those in Berlin - if you feel ignited by reading these lines - join us TODAY. It is different than any other voice class or choir you know and you get a chance to create history, there is nothing like this happening anywhere else.

  • Kara has taught her proven Voice Your Essence™ method to thousands of happy clients all over the world.

    Ideal for upcoming & professional singers alike, recording artists, authors, public speakers, teachers, creative conscious entrepreneurs, change agents, healers, visionaries, luminaries, and anybody thirsty to experience the power of voice.

  • As a voice expert and mentor I am committed to the empowerment of anyone who senses that her voice is the missing link to personal power, authenticity and presence. Rather than pushing away the “crazy” things we feel, my work proceeds with the conviction that our actions, beliefs, and deep feelings make exquisite sense and that the way to transform our relationship with our voice is to be open, curious and kind with ourselves instead of punishing, impatient and harsh.
  • I have overcome my fears - THANK YOU

     I want to express my deep gratitude for your wonderful voice classes and your gentle guidance. It has meant more to me than you might expect. The last years in Berlin were besides being a crazy adventure, sometimes also quite difficult and dark.I mainly felt very lost in life and extremely out of place in this world. I didn’t really know what to do with my life and couldn’t really see the value of it either. Let’s say, it was the typical -quarter life Saturn return- crisis. Yet, I was determined to get answers to so many questions. Why am I here, what is my purpose etc. But for me to get to the answers, it meant I had to emotionally and spiritually grow enormously. And so, I was challenged a lot to heal old traumas and emotional wounds and blocks. When I found you. I knew that my fear to sing came from a fear of being seen and a fear of not being good enough. Your voice classes have contributed significantly to overcoming these fears. Not only by your voice exercises and the joy of singing together but also by your radiant presence and subtle comments of wisdom in between. Considering the power of words and intentions, the importance of raising vibrations, interconnectedness, and other universal truths. It often confirmed to me that I was on the right track, it stuck with me. I can now say that I truly understand, I can really see now what you meant. And I can say I have found my purpose, or I remember it, that is maybe better. I am here to contribute to raising the consciousness of humanity, together with many and set an example for a better earth. And so, I am able to passionately start my life project and I am sooo super happy. Therefore, I want to say: thank you very very much! I can’t really put into words how incredibly valuable this is to me.