• Holiday Calendar

  • For students on a BASIC membership plan, there are no regular classes and lessons on Berlin school holidays (incl. bridge days), and public holidays. 
    For members on a FLEXI membership plan, a KARA JOHNSTAD plan, or 10-lesson pass, except for public holidays, teaching is ongoing throughout the year. For specifics, please check your regular schedule or talk to your teacher.

  • School Holidays in Berlin in the academic year 2019/20
    Holidays Start End Last Day of Class First Day of Class
    Winter Holidays Mon 03.02.2020 Sat 08.02.2020 Sat 01.02.2020 Mon 10.02.2020
    Easter Holidays Mon 06.04.2020 Sat 17.04.2020 Sat 04.04.2020 Mon 20.04.2020
    Bridge Days Fri 22.05.2020 Wed 20.05.2020 Mon 25.05.2020
    Summer Holidays Thu 25.06.2020 Fri 07.08.2020 Wed 24.06.2020 Mon 10.08.2020
  • Public Holidays 2020 in Berlin
    Public Holiday Date
    New Year's Eve 01.01.2019 (Wednesday)
    International Women's Day 08.03.2019 (Sunday)
    Good Friday (Eastern) 10.04.2019 (Friday)
    Easter Monday (Eastern) 13.04.2019 (Monday)
    Labour Day 01.05.2019 (Friday)
    Ascension of Christ 21.05.2019 (Thursday)
    Whit Monday 01.06.2019 (Monday)
    Day of German Unity 03.10.2019 (Saturday)
    Christmas Eve 24.12.2019 closed as of 2 pm (Thursday)
    1. Christmas Day 25.12.2019 (Friday)
    2. Christmas Day 26.12.2019 (Saturday)