• Sashell Beck

  • Vocalist (classical/musical/theater/repertoire), Stage Performance Coach

    Growing up in Los Angeles, California meant that I was surrounded by the entertainment business from a very young age. I did stage and on-camera acting, musicals, choir, and solo singing from the age of 8 as well as studying French horn and piano.

    When I was in my teens I decided I wanted to pursue singing professionally and studied jazz, musical theater, and classical styles before deciding to focus on opera for my university degree. For me, opera was the perfect combination of on stage acting and vocal technique that I needed.

  • Once I moved to Germany I rekindled my love for musicals singing in the ensemble of the Phantom of the Opera in Hamburg. Now living in Berlin, I do much freelance concert and stage singing, as well as teaching.

    In my teaching I focus on mental and physical presence, using a combination of emotional intention and exploring the many different colors of proper vocal function. I believe that good vocal training can be used in any style and getting to know your own personal instrument is paramount.

    I can teach in English or German but feel free to bring songs in any language! I look forward to our work together

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