• Miroslav Grosser

  • Overtone Singer, Musician, Holistic Vocal Coach

    Miroslav, who since his earliest childhood has been moving on the path of sound, has been trained in classical violin, western overtone singing, nada yoga (the yoga of sound) and various somatic therapeutic techniques. In search of the essence of sound, he met with the phenomenon of overtones in 1991 and re-discovered the instrument of his voice for himself with the help of his teachers Sangit M. Waldner (a student of Vemu Mukunda) and Wolfgang Saus. His own search for the truthful voice led him to many other amazing teachers of music, singing, and personal development, and also to great feelings and deep revelations about life in general and especially about the meaning of human existence – which allows for the forming of a sensitive rapport in the vocal training for every special starting situation.

  • As an improvisational musician and singer Miroslav Großer has accumulated decades of on-stage experience also in combination with dance. Since 1994 he has been teaching overtone singing, voice formation, and nada yoga also in seminars – always with a focus on the holistic approach in vocal training in the sense of connecting all levels of our human existence as a basis for a free flow of the voice.

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