• Matilda Abraham

  • Welcome potential student!

    I am very excited for you because if you are reading this it means you are on the cusp of growth and progress in music.
    Regardless of your level of musicianship or vocal ability, if you have something to say through music, you have come to the right place.

    I have worked with students ranging in age, stage, and ability. I love to be creative and have fun with music just as much as I love getting down to the nuts and bolts of contemporary vocal technique, music theory, piano, and songwriting. My role as a teacher is to facilitate the growth of each individual student and their unique goals and challenges.

    Everyone’s voice is unique. But by the same token, we are all dealing with the same apparatus and this means that all we need are the right tools and techniques to get what we want out of it!

    For singing, I can help you to improve your range, sing smoothly through any challenging registers, improve your ear, develop consistency of tone, breathe effectively and open up your voice.

    I have a passion for songwriting, recording, and production. I can help you find the sounds you are looking for to move from a little seed of an idea to a finished piece of music.

    I can also help you understand music theory and learn basic piano and/or self-accompaniment.

    My qualifications

    • Bachelor of Music (Jazz Performance) from the Australian National University
    • Freedman Fellowship Award nominee 2019
    • The Rattle Residency, London 2019
    • Red Bull Music Academy participant 2016

    I look forward to helping you in whatever capacity I can to achieve your goals in music!


  • A trained musician, Matilda’s highly personal aesthetic emphasizes stylistic exploration,
    vocal beauty, emotional candor and catharsis and has won praise from leading
    Australian musicians working across a broad spectrum of musical practices.
    “She reminds me of a young Leslie Feist. Suffice it to say her future’s bright.

    ~ Chilly Gonzales (Daft Punk, Feist)