• Matilda Abraham

  • Matilda Abraham is a diversely skilled musician and artist. A performance graduate of the prestigious Australian National University School of Music, she has a strong foundation in vocal technique which she draws upon to help students develop their own sound.

    Matilda has performed and collaborated with well-known international musicians including Grammy Award-winning artist Chilly Gonzales. She has toured and released her music internationally, achieving acclaim independently, off the back of her own hard work and talent.

    Matilda’s joy of singing is second only to her passion for song-making and creative expression. This is what has lead to her study of piano, songwriting, and production.

    With several, self-made releases under her belt, Matilda’s depth and scope as musician provides students with a pragmatic approach to their goals as singers, pianists, songwriters, artists, and performers.

  • I am not interested in pushing my technical or pedagogical agenda on students (unless they want me to!) Everyone has something special inside them. I want to help them find it.

    ~ Matilda Abraham

  • Qualifications:

    • Bachelor of Music (Jazz Performance - Voice) from the Australian National University
    • Freedman Fellowship Award nominee 2019
    • The Rattle Residency, London 2019
    • Red Bull Music Academy participant 2016
  • She reminds me of a young Leslie Feist. Suffice it to say her future’s bright.

    ~ Chilly Gonzales (Daft Punk, Feist)