• Liza Wolowicz

  • Songwriting Programs
    030 80482205 | info@schoolofvoice.berlin

    Liza is a young performing artist and singer-songwriter from Berlin who shares the love for the human voice, creative writing and finding interesting and new melodies. She began to sing at the age of ten being coached by Kara Johnstad who has been her mentor ever since. 

    Currently, Liza is finishing her studies of Music Production at the prestigious hdpk in Berlin, which prepares talented young musicians to professionally perform music at concerts and for productions, by teaching song-writing/composing skills together with an understanding of sound-engineering, and organisational know-how for both live performance and studio recording.

  • Right now, Liza is writing her first debut album, working with young Berlin based musicians and producers. 

    At the School of Voice, Liza offers the first German songwriting class focusing on songwriting and improv exercises, warm up and basic music theory. Introducing young children and adults to the beauty of lyric and melody in a safe and creative space, the class shall build up confidence in one’s voice and its true message.

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