• Gilda Gallardo

  • Leader of the International Kids Choir Berlin, Artist and Body, Mind, Spirit programs facilitator

    Gilda Gallardo is leading the International Kids Choir Berlin, and is teaching music and mindfulness classes at School Of Voice. Gilda speaks fluently English, Spanish and German. She is a Mexican artist based in Berlin, Germany. She grew up in California and received full scholarships to study at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. (Alma Mater 2017), Universität Trier and Humboldt Universität in Germany. Even as an American exile Gallardo continues to expand her professional development and collaboration with leading global pioneers in socially conscious entrepreneurship, writing and physics through online learning communities and platforms. As a consciousness scholar, Gallardo bears testimony to the Spirit of the age in her visual and written productions. Gallardo aspires to be a master of ceremony in rhythm and poetry, aka rapper.

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