• Benjamin Beirs

  • Highly-trained classical guitarist, with a Master’s of Music in Guitar Performance / Pedagogy from Peabody Conservatory.

    Ben has performed worldwide and has extensive teaching experience. He teaches in English, French, and German.

    Benjamin Beirs is a classically-trained guitarist with a love for creativity and a passion for making music beyond labels or genres. He loves helping his students grow in confidence and creativity by providing them with tips, tricks and tools learned over a 15-year career as a touring classical guitarist, songwriter, and teacher. During the last five years, I taught guitar in Paris, France both privately and in music schools, while studying in the conservatory and taking part in high-pressure competitions, Ben discovered how much yoga and meditation can help to manage stress and pressure and be healthy physically and mentally. He completed his first yoga teacher training in 2014 and soon after began a transition from full-time guitar teacher and performer to a hybrid career between music and yoga. He moved to Berlin at the end of 2018, where he continues his study and practice of yoga while composing and performing both locally and internationally. 

  • Ben brings a candid, joyful, and precise approach to teaching, and through the influence of mentors both musical and spiritual, encourages others to integrate yoga, meditation, and creativity into their daily lives.

    Class offerings

    • Private or semi-private guitar lessons
      classical, fingerstyle, contemporary
    • Guitar for Singers
    • Guitar Ensemble
    • Songwriting
    • Music Theory
    • Composition