• Arik Strauss

  • Pianist, Composer, and Teacher

    Arik teaches Piano, Music Theory, and leads the Ensemble of School Of Voice.

    Hi, my name is Arik Strauss.

    I teach piano in all genres - jazz, classical, pop, etc., but of course, jazz is my specialty.
    I can also work with ensembles of different instruments and with singers.
    I work with students from beginners until very advanced.
    I teach through my love and passion for music and my love for people, young and old alike. Many of my previous students were inspired by this and are now touring the world with their own music. I also had students who due to their work with me overcame hardships and are now successful in what they do.
  • I am fluent in English, German, Hebrew, and enjoy teaching children, teens as well as adults. 

    At School Of Voice, I'm teaching piano (varying styles), composition and music theory, lead the ensemble, and accompany at the piano. I hope, together we can make a difference.